Moving Supplies: Moving Kits

At Allied, we have developed many moving kits to assist you in packing up your residence during a move. Our moving kits vary in purposes, from room moving kits to kitchen moving kits. All of our moving kits are affordably priced, allowing you to pack up your home and remain within your moving budget.

All Your Moving Supplies in One Box

Our moving kits do not just come armed with the various sized moving boxes you need. At Allied, we also include other moving supplies in our moving kits. Some moving kits come with bubble wrap, packing tape and marker. When you purchase one of our moving kits, you can rest assured you will be equipped with all the supplies you need to pack up your house.

Many Moving Supplies, Many Types of Kits

We don’t just sell one type of kit for our customers. Instead, we offer many options for moving kits that cater to different packing needs you may have. Whether you just need three wardrobe boxes for 9888transporting some clothing, or you need 20 moving boxes to pack a bedroom, we have the moving kits you need. You can mix and match our moving kits to appropriately pack your entire house or just a few rooms.

Our moving kits vary in size. Some of our moving kits come with as little as three boxes, while some moving kits come with as many as 20. No matter what your packing needs are, our moving kits can provide the moving supplies you need to efficiently pack your belongings. Our moving kits are tailored to supply you with the cartons and other materials needed for any packing job.

We provide our customers with many types of moving kits for each room of the house. Our general moving kits have various size and amounts of moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and markers for any room of the house. We also have moving kits that contain only wardrobe boxes. We have a moving kit with only extra large boxes, as well as moving kits made specifically for bedrooms and kitchens. Our generic moving kits are suitable for just about every room, while our moving kits made specifically for certain rooms will help to better pack those items typically found there.

Allied’s Moving Supplies and Kits

Our Costco moving kits are the first step in a smart moving process. Although do-it-yourself packing is a cost-effective option for moving, it is still a big job that requires assistance. Allow our long years of packing expertise assist you in that big job of packing with our moving kits. Our moving kits will help you accomplish any do-it-yourself packing process with the quality and efficiency you expect from Allied, The Careful Movers . For your next move, begin your packing process with our moving kits.


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