Allied, The Careful Movers

with the unified eu requirements,
according to regulation 2016/679
(general data protection regulation, GDPR)

Allied, The Careful Movers processes personal data of its employees, partners and clients, who have given to Allied, The Careful Movers their personal data voluntarily and informedly, and their agreement for giving their personal data to Allied, The Careful Movers is given in an informed way, expressed unambiguously, either in personal, or through the activity of a physical or legal entity, who/which has occupation-based or law-based authorization to process the data and to submit it further to or from Allied, The Careful Movers .

Point of contact of Allied, The Careful Movers : email: [email protected]

Point of contact of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at Allied, The Careful Movers : Mrs. Daniela Tihomirova, head of “Security of Information” Department, [email protected]

Categories of personal data processed and accordingly protected at Allied, The Careful Movers include:

  • Regular personal data – names, address, email address, phone number, IP address;
  • Unique individual number;
  • Special personal data – employees’ membership in professional organizations; employees’ health condition data;
  • Data from security cameras and access control systems;

Allied, The Careful Movers processes personal data only for the needs of the objectives of Allied, The Careful Movers . The objectives of processing personal data at Allied, The Careful Movers are connected to:

  • Labor matters,
  • Trade activity,
  • Marketing activity,
  • Finance and accounting,
  • Control activity,
  • Security and protection,
  • Law-regulatory
  • IT connectivity and services
  • Other corporative or law-defined purposes.

The term for storing personal data for all corporate systems of Allied, The Careful Movers is up to 12 months after the expiration of the terms specified by law, or 12 months after dropping out of the corporate need and the particular reason because of which the personal data was received and processed. Deletion of personal data is registered with a protocol signed by the DPO.

The data subjects may apply their rights, in accordance with Regulation 2016/679, in front of Allied, The Careful Movers . The DPO of the company will answer in written within a month to every written claim submitted to her e-mail [email protected] in connection with enforcement of the following rights of the subjects of personal data:

  • Right of correction or amendment if such personal data is not correct or not full;
  • Right of deleting („right to be forgotten“) of personal data, that are processed illegally or the initial purpose of their processing has already dropped out (expired period of storage, withdrawn agreement, fulfilling the target for which they had been collected initially, etc.);
  • Right of limitation of processing – in case of juridical argument/disagreement between the data subject and Matrix Relocations Southeast Europe, to the moment of its resolution.
  • Right of data transfer – if they are processed by automatic method based on agreement or a contract. For this purpose data are transferred in a structured, widely used and compatible with the machine reading format.
  • Right of reward – anytime and with arguments connected with the particular situation, given, that there are no convincing law grounds for processing that have advantage to the interests, rights and freedom of the subject of data, neither there is a prosecution/ sue procedure initiated.
  • The right not to be an object of an entirely automatic decision, including profiling, which results in legal consequences for the subject of data or concerns them in a significant level.

At Allied, The Careful Movers personal data is not profiled also automatized decisions are not taken.

Allied, The Careful Movers informs its employees, clients and partners that video surveillance may be performed over the working facilities owned by Allied, The Careful Movers , together with control over the provided by Allied, The Careful Movers means for communication and printing at the working facilities owned by Allied, The Careful Movers (this includes: corporate internet access, corporate centralized printing access, corporate fixed phone devices access, company mobile phone devices access) in order to avoid and prevent malpractices or fraud.


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