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Location: Kosovo is a landlocked country in the Balkans. It is a partially recognised sovereign state. Its neighbouring countries are Serbia to the north and east, North Macedonia and Albania to the south, and Montenegro to the west.  

Area: Kosovo has an area of 10,908 square km.  Most of Kosovo’s terrain is mountainous, the highest peak is Deravica (2,656 m/8,714 ft). There are two main plain regions, the Metohija basin spreads on the western part of the Kosovo, and the Plain of Kosovo on the eastern part.

Capital: Pristina (210,000 inhabitants)

Local time: GMT +2

Population: 1,740,000

Major ethnic groups: Albanians (92%), Serbs (4%); Bosniaks (2%), Romani (1%), Turks (1%)

Religions: Muslim (97.4%), Christian (1.6%)

Languages: Official languages in Kosovo are standard literary Albanian and Serbian. Other minority languages include Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Gorani and Romani.

Climate: Its climate is continental, with warm summers and cold and snowy winters.

Currency: Euro

Government: Unitary parliamentary republic

Country code: +383

Official holidays:

January 1st – New Year’s day

January 2nd – New Year’s day

January 7th – Christmas day

February 17th – Independence day

March 31st – Easter

April 9th – Constitution day

May 1st – International Labor day

May 5th – Easter

May 9th – Europe day

August 8th – Eid ul-Fitr

October 15th – Eid ul-Adha

December 25th – Christmas

Transportation: Kosovo has 1926 km roads, 4 airports and 430 km rail way. Pristina serves as most important transportation link in the country. It houses an international airport, railway station and all the major motorways pass through Pristina. Transport links to the north are fractured (especially rail transport).

Taxation: 18% VAT. 8% reduced VAT for water supplies, except bottled water. 

Electricity: The standard voltage is 230V and 50 Hz frequency. Sockets and plugs are standard European.

Important phone numbers: 

192  – Police 

193 – Fire brigade 

194 – Ambulance 

Working hours: Typical working hours of shops are from 8:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday, with the exception of supermarkets which are open from 8:00 till 21:00.


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